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Magnetic Portable Inspection (Crack Testing)


Inline Boring, Portable Line Boring & Bore Welding


Laser Alignment, Specialized CNC Machining - Multi Access


Flame Cutter & Plasma Cut (CNC)


Welding, Milling & Turning



Heavy Engineering

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NOM Team

Namibia Onsite Machining was established it 2010 & it is a 100% Namibian owned Company.

Over the past decade we evolved into much more than just a successful on-site line boring specialized company, we also has a fully equipped workshop, based in Windhoek. We offer the following services to our customers,

On-site Machining

We specialize in on-site line boring which includes the repair of various earthmoving machines. We have worked from a skidseer loader to a 600 ton shovel (Husab). We also work offshore, in the Marine Industry, repairing propellers, shaft bores & rudder on vessels. We have line bored on the dredges at Namdeb (MA1 & Bogenfels) & WIFS plant at EBay. We can weld & machine bores 30mm up to 1200mm we have 5x portable line bore machines, overlay welders, flange machine (machine faces on-site & circlip groves). We furthermore specialise in OD Shaft machining and onsite key way milling.

We can fit any type of sleeve & bushing with our hydraulic jacks. We have special bush & bearing equipment/tooling. We also fit bushes & Bearings with liquid nitrogen which we stock for our customers.

Laser alignment

We do laser alignment on the following; pulleys, pumps, engines, gearboxes mills & some complex line boring jobs (Line boring machine is lined up with the laser 15m apart, at an accuracy of 0.01mm)

Welding & Profile Cutting

As we are the Hardox wearparts agent of Namibia, we manufacture our own liners and wearstrips from Hardox merchant sheets. We can cut any profile on our CNC profile cutter, up to a thickness of 160mm.

We have 8x Miller 380V MIG welding machines which includes 2x diesel generator welder. We use high grade welding wire, such as 6048 low hydrogen & MIG 6000 (Afrox).

Our Hard facing welding material is the Duroxite from Hardox/SSAB Brand.

To remove old liners we use air gouging which is most effective & in some cases when the liners are difficult to gouge, we use our lancing machine. We also remove stuck pins & broken bolts with our lancing machine.

MPI Crack testing

If welding is completed we perform a Magnetic Particle Inspection to make sure our welding is effective without porosity or cracks.

Ultrasonic Wall Thickness test & hardness test
We also do ultrasonic wall thickness test on worn liners. Also hardness testing on-site.

Our Workshop

We are situated in the Southern Industrial area in Windhoek. We have multiple lathe, milling, slotting, 4 axis CNC for mass production & threading machines. We can do turning to a length of 4m & 1m in Diameter on a 4m length. We manufacture parts for EMV equipment with a high success rate. We manufacture heat treated pins & bushes which we keep in stock (CAT390 & CAT349 Bucket pins & Bushes). We have some CAT parts available as service exchange. We also have a 4 kids CNC boring mill with a table capacity of 12 tons and furthermore operate a 10 ton overhead crane in our workshop.

We have the Hardox agency in Namibia.